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Lord Mahavira

Welcome to my Special Project blog! On this site, I provide an overview of the religion, Jainism, and share valuable insights taken from my research.

Jainism is a religion that promotes a path to spiritual purity and enlightenment through a model of life rooted in the tradition of ahimsa, nonviolence to all living creatures. Founded the 7th–5th century BCE, Jainism has evolved into a cultural system, making significant contributions to Indian culture and way of life. Along with Hinduism and Buddhism, it is one of the oldest ancient Indian traditions still in existence.

To get started, I recommend you start by watching the “Introduction to Jainism” video, attached below, conducted by Oprah to experience a brief overview of the tradition.


As you explore my blog, I hope you gain a deeper understanding of Jainism’s culture, tradition, and beliefs, as I explore the religion in its entirety. My mission in creating this site was to provide visitors with a glimpse into a religious tradition that they may know nothing about. To get started, click on one of the menu items above.

Thank you and enjoy 🙂

Image citation:

Mahavira. Photograph. https://theasiannetwork.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/

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